The village of Downwater, built across the river between White Lake and Picalah, was briefly a boom town after valuable numenera were discovered in an ancient cave system nearby. When the caves-turned-mines dried up, Downwater turned almost overnight into a ghost town, now populated mainly by those too poor or desperate to leave.

Two bridges span the narrow river, connecting the swampy, rundown western (“left”) half of Downwater from the more built-up—literally—eastern (“right”) side, raised above the natural level of the riverbank by extensive earthworks that reach all the way to the edge of the surrounding valley. The river frequently floods and changes course, leaving the left bank permanently half-buried in mud, buildings slowly sinking into the earth until they vanish and new structures are built on top of them.

On the “right” side of Downwater, Einar Moon’s mansion towers over the rest of the village, easily one of the largest and must durable buildings in Downwater. A strange, hexagonal tower, much older than the rest of the village, juts from the north side of the mansion, as though the rest of the house grew up organically around it.

There are a couple inns and taverns in Downwater, and a handful of small general stores, but many of the buildings have been long abandoned. Little trade finds its way to or through the village, aside from some of the farms in the nearby Plains of Kataru.


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